Planisphere Q is a quarterly magazine featuring fiction and poetry. 

PQ seeks short works of 500-words or less: vignettes, character sketches, flash fiction, and poetry. 

2022 Themes
Winter "Fire and Ice"
Spring "Many Worlds"
Summer "Dreamland"
Autumn "Undead"

Publication Schedule 
Winter Feb 21
Spring May 15
Summer Aug 18
Autumn Nov 20

Read the submission guidelines for more information.

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Editor: Cynthia Bermudez

Cyn Bermudez is a writer, poet, artist, nerd living in California. She is the Author of And the Moon FollowsBrothers, Graffiti Heart, and The Dragons Club (forthcoming, August 2022). She is the president and program chair for the California Writers Club chapter, the Writers of Kern. Her short stories and poetry have been featured in Strangelet, Middle Planet, Perihelion SF, Building Red: Mission Mars (Walrus Publishing), and more. For more information and full publication listing, please visit Cyn's website at www.cynbermudez.com.

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